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Mmmm, they're back!

I love that Illyria so easily broke the manacles Spike had made for her and he didn't even bat an eye!

mostly he's glad to have her as an 'enforcer' :P

WOW! They get out of Hell and then what? Does Spike take Angelus up on his offer - or does he get Angel's soul back? And if he does where do they go from there. I suspect Angel truly loves Spike but has always been afraid to show it lest Spike take major advantage of it. Just, wow!

I guess you'll have to stick around for future episodes. :) Thanks for reading.

we're figuring that out ourselves *g*

Geez! This is so intense. I'm on edge all the time wondering what'll happen next. And that moment where Spike gave in, I can see it happening so clearly. I kinda want it for them too.

Can't wait until the next post. Fabulous!

Thank you so much. And thanks for running this fest! SPANGEL FOREVER.

You're very welcome. I keep telling people, my motives were completely selfish. I want all the Spangel I can get!


Wow, you write a wicked Angelus and a very canny Spike! Excellent characterization, and some steaming hot sex! Can't wait for more!

Thanks so much for the lovely feedback.

Took me a while to read all this!
Well! Interesting twist. YAY for Betta George!

We're still writing. When is the next "free posting" day?

There are no more Free Days but I can assign you to any day that has a question mark next to the participant if that's okay with you. I'm sure no one minds sharing on any of the days though.

Nah, we'll just post it whenever. By the time we're done writing this fest will be over!

ok cool! I can't wait :-)

Thanks. We're working on it. :)

Oh holy crap, that's good!!!

The voices are perfect and the plot is intriguing.

Well done. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Thank you very much. Glad you're enjoying it. :)

Oh what a great story, puts the comics to shame!
I'm on edge wondering what will happen next.

Hee, thanks so much. I actually loved the After the Fall comics (miles better than BtVS), so I consider this high praise. :)

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