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Confession is Good for the Soul ~ Spike/Angel ~ R
pda sterek
skargasm wrote in rekindlespangel
Title: → Confession is Good for the Soul
Rating: → NC17
Pairing(s): → Spike/Angel
Genre: → AU
Beta(s): → Unbeta'd but Proofread
Prompt(s): → Prompt #287 : Surely the Bitterness of Death is at Hand @ tamingthemuse & Prompt #17 : Desire @ kinda_gay
Disclaimer: → ME and Joss own them - I just take 'em, make them do dirty/bad/wrong things then sneak 'em back while no-one is looking!
Summary: → A night of confession that might bring them closer....
A/N: → For my day over at rekindlespangel - apologies for slightly early posting, I may not be able to do it tomorrow.
Graphic: → Banner by skargasm


I loved your story.
OMG, the picture is too perfect,
Angel and Spike in bed and Buffy coming through the door.

Thank you - so pleased you liked both the story and the banner *g*


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