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Rekindling Spangel Sign Ups
cappagraphics spangelsex4dx
cafedemonde wrote in rekindlespangel

Sign Ups for rekindlespangel start on November 4th and will end on November 25th, 11:59pm MST. Please comment below to sign up and select your date.

Our intent is to have a steady flow of contributions so we will have at least one post per day, starting December 24th and ending on January 31, 2012. If all the dates get filled (how happy will we be!), then we can double up on posts.

Please use the following format:

Date: first and second choice
contribution: fic, wallpaper, vid, etc

Dates will be issued in the order received in the post below. This is the only place you can sign up and select your date.

List of dates available and what's been selected:

Dec 24 - killedkelly - fic
Dec 25 - spike_1790 - fic
Dec 26 - aaronlisa - fic
Dec 27 - fenderlove - art
Dec 28 - jh_july001 - art
Dec 29 -
Dec 30 - verucasalt123 - ?
Dec 31 - luciferxdamien - fic
Jan 1 - theladymerlin - art
Jan 2 -
Jan 3 - kallysten - fic
Jan 4 - kallysten - art
Jan 5 - writcraft - fic
Jan 6 - of_two_minds - art
Jan 7 -
Jan 8 -
Jan 9 -
Jan 10 - fangstress - fic
Jan 11 -
Jan 12 - hello_spikey - fic
Jan 13 -
Jan 14 -
Jan 15 - raktajinos
Jan 16 -
Jan 17 - spikesjojo - fic?
Jan 18 -
Jan 19 - hello_spikey - fic
Jan 20 - spartan5000 - fic
Jan 21 - cafedemonde - fic
Jan 22 - theladymerlin - fic
Jan 23 -
Jan 24 -
Jan 25 - rahirah - fic
Jan 26 - justwolf - ?
Jan 27 - luciferxdamien - art/fic?
Jan 28 - lynnenne - fic
Jan 29 - fangstress - ??
Jan 30 - shapinglight - fic?
Jan 31 - skargasm - fic

I will try to update this every evening.

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First Choice: Dec 26
Second Choice: Dec 27
Contribution: fic

You are first!! Yay! Thanks so much and, Dec 26th it is :-)

Date: first and second choice: January 31st first choice, January 30th second choice
contribution: fic

I have you down for 1/31.


jan 3rd (1st choice) or jan 4th (2nd choice)

First Choice: Jan 15
Second Choice: Jan 22
Contribution: fic

I do have one question (I checked the rules and it wasn't in there). Are threesomes allowed? I have a particular kink for Spike/Angel/Buffy and I think Spike and Angel really spark when she's in the mix (hell, Faith too hahah) that okay if I write that?

I second this - I have a Spike/Angel/Buffy bunny that I'd like to be able to far as my fic, it would be very equal between all three.

I was going to opt for last this year, since I was first last year, but that's gone, so Jan 30th please (or 29th if 30th is taken).


First choice: Jan. 28
Second choice: Jan. 21

Contribution: Fic

First choice: Jan 1
Second Choice: Jan 2
Contribution: Art

First Choice: Jan 22
Second Choice: Jan 23
Contribution: Fic

I have you down for 1/1 and 1/22.


I can do January 17th. Or another January date if someone must have the 17th since I chose that at random.

1/17 is all yours.


Edited at 2012-11-07 04:13 am (UTC)

First choice: Jan. 6
Second choice: Jan. 7
Contribution: art

Jan 21st

just to be official about it :-)

First choice: Dec 25th (yeah, I'll take Christmas day :P)
Second Choice: Any.

Contribution: Fic

You have December 25th!


I'd like January 10 and 29th. :-)

You have Jan 10 and 29. Thanks!

Hrrnnng... I'll probably regret doing this, but I love Spangel too much to ignore it.

First Date: December 31st
Contribution: Fic

Second Date: January 27th
Contribution: More than likely fic. COULD be art. Don't count on that; I draw too slow. =X

I have assigned you both days. Thanks so much!

I can do 12/30 or 12/31.

12/30 is all yours. Thanks for participating!

Okay, I'm doing it! I have an idea and everything.

First choice: January 19, Second choice January 20th, third choice 23rd.


YAY! Jan 19th is yours.

*mwah back*

Dates: I will take Jan 5 or Jan 7 if one is free still.
Contribution: Fic

Jsn 5th is all yours! Thanks for signing up

I may regret this, but Spangel is worth it. Could I have the 26th or 25th of Jan? So glad this fest is happening!

Spangel is so worth it! You have Jan 26th. Thanks :-)

First Choice: 24th Dec
Second Choice: 27th Dec
Contribution: Fic

Awesome! I put you on Dec 24th. Thanks for signing up.

Ohh I will give it a shot:)

Date: Dec 28 or 29 is good for me
contribution: art

Thanks! You are down for Dec 28th!

May I have January 20th? Fic.

Edited at 2012-12-01 12:00 am (UTC)

First Choice: December 27th
Second Choice: December 28th

Contribution: Art.

Dec 27th is yours. Thanks for signing up!

I am infuckingsane to do this, but if you're open to Spike & Angel gen, I'll take a shot. January 25th or latest available.

I like insane! And Spike and Angel gen is wonderful.
Jan 2th is yours.

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