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First Choice: Dec 26
Second Choice: Dec 27
Contribution: fic

You are first!! Yay! Thanks so much and, Dec 26th it is :-)

Date: first and second choice: January 31st first choice, January 30th second choice
contribution: fic

I have you down for 1/31.


jan 3rd (1st choice) or jan 4th (2nd choice)

First Choice: Jan 15
Second Choice: Jan 22
Contribution: fic

I do have one question (I checked the rules and it wasn't in there). Are threesomes allowed? I have a particular kink for Spike/Angel/Buffy and I think Spike and Angel really spark when she's in the mix (hell, Faith too hahah)....is that okay if I write that?

I second this - I have a Spike/Angel/Buffy bunny that I'd like to be able to do...as far as my fic, it would be very equal between all three.

I was going to opt for last this year, since I was first last year, but that's gone, so Jan 30th please (or 29th if 30th is taken).


First choice: Jan. 28
Second choice: Jan. 21

Contribution: Fic

First choice: Jan 1
Second Choice: Jan 2
Contribution: Art

First Choice: Jan 22
Second Choice: Jan 23
Contribution: Fic

I have you down for 1/1 and 1/22.


I can do January 17th. Or another January date if someone must have the 17th since I chose that at random.

1/17 is all yours.


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First choice: Jan. 6
Second choice: Jan. 7
Contribution: art

Jan 21st

just to be official about it :-)

First choice: Dec 25th (yeah, I'll take Christmas day :P)
Second Choice: Any.

Contribution: Fic

You have December 25th!


I'd like January 10 and 29th. :-)

You have Jan 10 and 29. Thanks!

Hrrnnng... I'll probably regret doing this, but I love Spangel too much to ignore it.

First Date: December 31st
Contribution: Fic

Second Date: January 27th
Contribution: More than likely fic. COULD be art. Don't count on that; I draw too slow. =X

I have assigned you both days. Thanks so much!

I can do 12/30 or 12/31.

12/30 is all yours. Thanks for participating!

Okay, I'm doing it! I have an idea and everything.

First choice: January 19, Second choice January 20th, third choice 23rd.


YAY! Jan 19th is yours.

*mwah back*

Dates: I will take Jan 5 or Jan 7 if one is free still.
Contribution: Fic

Jsn 5th is all yours! Thanks for signing up

I may regret this, but Spangel is worth it. Could I have the 26th or 25th of Jan? So glad this fest is happening!

Spangel is so worth it! You have Jan 26th. Thanks :-)

First Choice: 24th Dec
Second Choice: 27th Dec
Contribution: Fic

Awesome! I put you on Dec 24th. Thanks for signing up.

Ohh I will give it a shot:)

Date: Dec 28 or 29 is good for me
contribution: art

Thanks! You are down for Dec 28th!

May I have January 20th? Fic.

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First Choice: December 27th
Second Choice: December 28th

Contribution: Art.

Dec 27th is yours. Thanks for signing up!

I am infuckingsane to do this, but if you're open to Spike & Angel gen, I'll take a shot. January 25th or latest available.

I like insane! And Spike and Angel gen is wonderful.
Jan 2th is yours.

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