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Fic; Sweet Nights
killedkelly wrote in rekindlespangel

Title: Sweet Nights

Summary: AU, in a world where Angelus wasn’t cursed by gypsies. A lovely night in between Angelus and William.

Warning: AU. Anal, m/m, language, oral, sex, spank. PLEASE NO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT LIKE GRAPHIC SEX!

Pairing: Angelus/William

Age: NC17

Disclaimer: Tomorrow is Christmas. If I had been a good girl this year, I might have be the proud owner of more than just this storyline. Unfortunately, I haven’t, so ONLY the storyline is mine. All else is the property of JW & co.

Author: killedkelly

Author's Note: This came to me as I was getting ready for work…which was strange. Inspired by kidcyclone’s work.

Author’s Note Two: Was ready, but I’ve been having a bit of issue with the internet this evening (couldn’t have posted in the morning because I was asked to work overtime as well as my normal shift today). And then there were multiple problems posting it to this site, but I think it's sorted now. Enjoy!


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