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This was positively marvelous!

I really enjoyed the exploration of their history and the aftermath of the events of NFA.

Thanks. I always like exploring the events between these two that we never really saw on either show.

omg, so so good! I love it when they are angsty and unsure. All I want is for Angel to turn him so they can live unhappily ever after again.


You know Angel is never going to turn him but I can see Spike hunting down a vampire who would and then someone how getting a soul so that the playing field would be even between the two of them.

Poor Spike. Being human is very much a mixed blessing for him and he's lost perhaps more than he gained.


Thank you. I always felt the same way about Spike once he had the soul: he lost more than he gained. I think the same would go with the whole Shanshu prophecy being passed on to him.

Ugh! This killed me! (In a really good way) Thank you for posting! :-)

Oh no, I wasn't trying to do that. I just can't picture these two without a healthy mix of angst between them.

Thanks for reading!

Beautiful fic. And, really, for Spike is more like a loss than a prize of any kind. I love the characterization and I like the concept of vampire Angel with human Spike, it's really subversive in many ways and angst and sweet.

Thank you, I am glad that you liked it.

I really enjoyed the mixing of their past with Spike recovering from becoming human.

Beautiful. I always like post-NFA stories and this is definitely one of the better ones. But how did Willow get there?

Heartwrenching. Spike never saw being human as a reward, especially when it sunders him from his only family.

Gah! So poetic and so very sad.

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