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Art: Arabian Coffee.
fenderlove wrote in rekindlespangel
An oldie, but it's sorta holiday-themed... :D

Title: Arabain Coffee.
Artist: fenderlove
Medium: Drawing and colouring in Photoshop CS3.
Rating: PG-13 for bare chestage and slightly covered boy-bits.
Summary: This is a piece from the same series as my Spike/Fred Pas de Deux: Adagio (Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy). It is also named after one of the dances from The Nutcracker. Eventually, I'd like to do all the dances. :D


x-posted at darker_spike, my journal, and nekid_spike.

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That is a luscious creation!


Nice and decadent! I can just feel the silken surfaces... and the bedding looks nice, too.

Thank you! :D I like to think of the fellows rolling about on silk. ^_~

Gorgeous! The colours are so vibrant and everything seems so lush.

So beautiful!
I love the details!<3

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