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bleeding words
kallysten wrote in rekindlespangel
I'll be back tomorrow for my day but here's some open day posting. I hope you'll enjoy.

Prompt from D. ♥
100 words / 3 pages
(post) AtS season 5

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Oh that was Great FUN! Do another?

thank you! :)
and i'll have another one ready in a couple days on my actual posting day

i hope that was a good 'hee', not a 'run away for the hills!hee' :P

Good! 'Run for the hills' is AAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!! :D

Just checking :P
glad you liked it!


That was hilarious!

YES PLEASE. I needed this soooo much today, you have no idea. I love you and them and you. <333

tomorrow your belated bday fic and friday a comic with your kissing prompt


YAYEEE. An embarrassment of riches! Now if I can only get LJ to work, dammit...

Love it! Funny and hot. :)

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