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That was great. Wonderful character voices.

Moving and spare and lovely.

Wow, that was awesome! If you wanted to make this into a series, I would definitely read it.

highly unlikely but thanks

OK, this? Was worth waiting for.

Angel has big hands. They can make a sword look like a knife.

Wow, great descriptor.

“Going somewhere?” Angel asks.

The flatness of this made me laugh out loud.

Only when he opens his mouth and hears a river of tumbling rocks does he know it’s a laugh.

Oh, beautiful description of Spike's maniacal laugh.

And the blood sharing and the resentment and the bickering-as-comfort is all so perfect. And the ending made me cry.

Beautiful work. <3 Thank you so much.

i'm happy i stuck with it - and happier still that you enjoyed it <333



<33333333333 Love this.

Awww. They're cute when they're cranky. :)

even more so when they're cranky at each other *g*
thank you

Oh well done. Our boys are so messed up. Great job on their voices.

Oh my lovely and super talented Kallysten! Thank you so very much for this heart-warming look into their world. Love them so much like this.

thank you for organizing this and giving me one last chance to play with the boys <3


“If I’m done?” Spike repeats in a low voice. “I don’t know. Let me think. What else could I do? Kick your sorry ass for being such a moron? Yeah, I’ll get right on that.”

Oh, Spike!

This is so perfect. Great voices and lovely bickering. I do love Spangel fics post-NFA with the dynamic duo forced to be together and take care of each other.

Oh, boys. So much push and pull, so much yes and no, so much love and hate.
*pets them*

*pets them with you*
thank you

Here by reccommendation, and very glad of it, too. This was great. You've captured their voices and their dynamic beautifully.

I very rarely read Buffyverse slash (Bangel is my OTP) but this was really something. I particularly liked: Tomorrow they can suck at comforting each other some more. They might even get better at it. It’s not like they don’t have time, or anything better to do, or anyone better to do it with. Sums up this pair perfectly.

I loved this in character, in voice piece. You captured the push pull friction between these two beautifully and have left me knowing they're going to get through this and unlive to keep up the good fight (Spike bitching and moaning the entire time).

I forgot to mention that it was recced by lyrstzha in crack_van .

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thanks for the heads up

Oh more love heading your way! This was awesome. They really do suck at comforting each other, but that just makes it more perfect! Poor boys, I love them so much this way!

This is great. I really think you evoked the characters, and I loved their conversations. I could really see this happening. The dialogue was fantastic. I liked the sense of place and time too: how much they'd shared and how much there still was to do. I loved the blood-sharing part too--so intimate and visceral.

I just want to whack the two of them hard on their heads and tell them to get over it and be NICE to each other. Pleased that you ended it on an optimistic note.

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