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of_too_minds wrote in rekindlespangel
For my contribution today, I have a spangel sex story in three parts. Be warned, these pics are Not Safe For Work. Seriously.

Feedback would be much appreciated.

First there's foreplay....

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Isn't he just? I adore bendy!Spike. :D

Thanks for commenting!

He's very talented that way. ;)

Thanks for commenting!

Whew . . . cold shower time!

It most definitely is.

Thanks for commenting!

What a visual! And so in character. :-) Excellent!

Thanks! I just couldn't see it going any other way in my head.

Wow! *fans self* Very,very nice. Flexible Spike! :)

He's very bendy. :D

Thanks for commenting!

Wow, that's gorgeous! My mouth is watering right now. Their position is so intimate and hot. I love this image.

Thanks so much for commenting! I fell in love with this image and knew I had to spangel it up. It's so intense.

Amazing work! And steamy!

Thanks, hon!

The boys are so hot. I couldn't resist this pic.

Now, I have read fan fiction probably a little over 15 years spangle is my absolute fav.. This is the most stunningly real picture I have ever seen. Excellent! Now I must go and wipe the drool from my chin.

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