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They've got some kind of hold on Spike, even if it's just a guilty soul telling him 'he deserves it' so in my book, that qualifies him as one of the helpless and it's Angel's job to come riding in on a white horse and save him. Spike can punch the crap out of him for treating him like a damsel in distress afterward! Can't wait for part II!

Yes, despite his objections, Spike needs some rescuing! So glad you enjoyed part one, part two will be posted on, uh... January 23rd or something... I need to check my posting date.

I think I must have died and gone to Spangel heaven. I adore everything about this fic!

:D yay! So glad to take you there. :)

Second part soonish! By which I mean, in two weeks. *evil cackle*

Oh good lord that was wonderful. :D

So glad you liked. It was fun to write. Mmm popsicles.

(Deleted comment)
Yes, poor wee Spikey. Never fear, this is "Rekindling Spangel" so I suspect you can tell where this is going to go!

Angel better fix this, damn it! Spike's obviously in trouble. I'm guessing he still has the chip so he can't fight back against that asshat, and the soul makes him think he deserves it.

Yes, poor wee boy is just broken and he fell into asshat-y hands.

We'll see what Angel does in the next half! Hope you like it!

Oh, God - my Spike!! This is wonderfully engaging, I can't wait to see how you wrap it up! I have missed your Spangel so much - it's such a treat!

Yay! Thank you, dear! I know, I have been SO not a posting poster lately. So glad you enjoyed and I hope you like part two when I post it in a week or so!

This was just wonderful. It's so, so good to have new Spangel fic from you.

:Hugs it:

Yay. So glad you liked. I know, I've been not writing much lately. Stupid work!

This was wonderful!! Poor Spike. Angel simply has to make it all better. Counting the days until part 2! :D

Not long to wait now! OMG... I have to check the file and make sure it actually doesn't suck.. :D

Oh, what's Spike gotten himself into? Poor vamp.

I really enjoyed this story. It's dark, it's got a Spike with a soul who is forced to whore himself out and it's got an Angel who actually gives a damn.

Off to read the 2nd and final chapter (lucky me).

He is a poor, poor vamp. *evil cackle* All helpless and self-doubting and emotionally vulnerable. Nom nom.

Aren't you glad you don't have to wait like the others? Bravo on your timing!

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