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cafedemonde wrote in rekindlespangel
We've had a bit of a gap so I'll post a rec. Love That Dares is a site bursting with extremely well written Spangel fanfic. I suggest popping on over for a read.
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Love that site. I think she's at the top of the list for good spangel authors. Unlike some below, though, I liked her earlier stuff best. I wish she was still writing - I'd read anything spangel she did. Excellent rec!

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You're right and they're all so good, but my favorites are Lessons of War and Death, Time is the Fire in Which We Burn and The Darkling Plain!

I love to immerse myself in a good, long story, speaking of which . . . Is there still hope for 'World Made New?' I've been re-reading it and it's sooo good!

World is still wip. Not giving up on it ever I'm really pleased that u still want more

I'm gonna be late - but I will be posting!

ok thanks for letting me know :-)

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