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Oh, I like this AU a lot! I could envision everything as I was reading it. Except for the fact that you stopped at a really good part, I really enjoyed this. I look forward to your next posting day! :-)

I'm vey glad you';re enjoying this. I was nervous going in with all the changes to make this fit my vision. And the details...I fussed over them so much so I'm smiling now.

thank you!

I love Spike and Cordy together. Endless snark. Nice sexy ending, too.

Yes. Spike and Cordy rock when ever they're in a room together.

You can be sooo cruel . . . leaving it with a dripping-just-from-the-shower Angel who's got a Spike by the 'tail'. I'm loving this and can't (but will) wait for the next! ;)

Just curious, but would Sister Lionetti happen to be based on anyone real?

Muuuaaaah! Trying out my evil-cliffhanger hat again!

And Sister Lionetti is the female version of a teacher from my high school. He taught Italian though.

Wonderful! I love your AU. Cool little mystery. It could be an episode of the show, so well done!

Great job with the voices, btw. Especially the Spike and Cordy snark.

There will be spangel sexing in the next part, right? Cuz it's just evil to leave it there!

Ya there will be. Glad u like. I was nervous :-)

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