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Like Winter in L.A.
ASLightning by truly_tazi
cafedemonde wrote in rekindlespangel
It's my day FINALLY!!

So this fic is somewhat ensemblish but sprinkled with lovely Spangel moments so I hope you like. Chapters 1-3 now and the rest on my second day.

Okay, some changes to canon so pay attention: Angelus sired William and Penn.
Spike is still 120+ years old in vampire years at the year 2000.
Penn is 200 which confused the Watchers into thinking Spike was 200. They thought William was Penn later because Penn disappeared from the clan. Spike claimed Dru sired him later because he was angry at Angelus for leaving of course.
Penn never came to LA in season 1. Instead, he came and sired a young girl in LA in what we would consider season 4 Angel. Darla did not return pregnant. Wes, Lorne, Gunn, Fred and Cordy make up the gang, with an added dash of Spike who joined them along with Dawn, after Buffy died. Just go with it :-)


Chapter One

Rain came down in hard, slick sheets, coating the windshield of the bus faster than the wipers could swoosh it away. Unnatural, the weather had been severe for Los Angeles complete with thunder and lightening to accompany the annoying wetness. The night before, all over the news were reports of mudslides in Malibu and other coastal towns.

Dawn was grateful that she lived in the city now and there was no danger of that happening here. Just a flash flood here and there when the cousin to El Nino decided to be extra generous and douse them with day after day of relentless showers.

The bus was slow going as it inched down South Western, but finally it turned onto West Pico Boulevard, the motion making her sway as she gathered her belongings. Before she could pull the cord to ring the buzzer to indicate she wanted to get off at the next stop, another girl did. Slinging her backpack over one shoulder, Dawn stood and shoved the Ipod Spike had given her for Christmas into her coat pocket while wielding her umbrella and walking just a bit unstably to the back exit.

As soon as it came to a stop, she pushed the door open, rushed off and popped the umbrella, high-stepping the half a block to school. She had already been late twice this term and the third time meant detention which she absolutely could not do…again.

The last time she got in trouble at school, Spike made her listen to a recording of Angel singing in the shower. Torture of the most inventive kind.

She bounded up the steps ready to dash inside when she heard someone calling her name. Fingers on the handle, she twisted around to see her friend, Sian, splashing her way across the grass that Dawn had neatly avoided.

Dawn closed her umbrella, grinning as the tall girl stomped up the steps, trailing mud.

“Dammit!” Sian hissed, frowning at her ruined shoes. “What the fuck was I thinking?”

“Such language,” Dawn laughed.

Sian sighed and pushed her hood back from her head, revealing a mess of red curls, and glancing at Dawn before shifting close to give her a hug. Greeting her with a “Hey, woman,” Dawn returned it easy enough, smiling slightly while opening the door for them both.

“Come on. I can’t be late anymore,” Dawn announced as she rushed up the stairs whispering, “Sister Lionetti - anal retentive crone that she is – has been just dying to give me another detention.”

Sian leaned closer and kept her voice low as well. “Oh God, I know what you mean. I swear she gets off on it at night when she’s supposed to be praising Jesus or something.”
No teachers were around, so they jogged down the hall now, brushing past a few other girls who were racing to beat the bell as well.

Dashing through the doorway to their class, the girls split off, going their separate ways to their respective desks. The bell rang just as Dawn laid hands on her desk and she swung around, sliding her bottom into the seat just as it fell silent.

She heaved a huge, relieved sigh and let her backpack slump off her shoulder onto the floor.

“Miss Summers,” called a voice that Dawn thought was just too deep to actually belong to a woman.

Dawn managed to close her eyes and roll them at the same time before responding. “Yes, Sister.”

Sister Lionetti was about as short as a person could be without actually being a midget and the taller a girl was, the more the nun seemed to resent her. Unfortunately, Dawn and Sian were both pushing 5’9” which put them at the top of the nun’s hit-list. She took her Epod – Evil Pointer of Doom – and slapped it high against the wall where the Bishop Conaty-Our Lady of Loretto High School code of conduct was posted, hitting the rule about punctuality without even looking.


“You’re tardy, my dear,” she said calmly, smiling like a barracuda and Dawn swore the woman was a demon. But she had survived real demons and lived with vampires so this short penguin? Not so scary.

“Actually, I was in my seat before the bell stopped so technically, I’m on time.” Dawn crossed her arms and leaned back.

The sister glanced around the room, eyes searching. “I don’t see any cameras so unless you can produce an instant replay…I say you’re tardy and what I say counts.” She made a show of walking over to her desk while the other girls sat, quietly waiting for this to play out. She flipped a page on the rollbook and smiled. “That’s three, my dear.” Her voice was light and airy now, happy. “I’m afraid it’s detention for you.”

Lips pressed together tightly, to keep from crying or screaming, Dawn watched as the nun filled out the detention slip and slapped it on her desk.

“Take this to the office and come back with your late pass.” She strolled away, quite pleased with herself and sat down at her own desk.

Dawn stood noisily, snatched her things and slipped down the aisle, slowing at the desk to mumble, “One day, I won’t be a student at this school.”

Sister Lionetti peered up at Dawn. “Are you threatening me?”

Dawn glanced around mockingly then whispered low, “No cameras…so unless you can produce a recording, I guess you’re just imagining it.” She stalked out before the teacher could say anything else.


Angel stared at Dawn from across the kitchen table.

Earlier that day, Cordelia had to go pick up the suspended 11th grader, this time for threatening a nun, and he was just a little frustrated.

“Okay, what happened?” he asked.

She stuck her hand in the bag of Hot Cheetoes and stuffed a bunch in her mouth before she started. “Sister Mini-Mouse hates me, that’s what happened.”

Angel rested his elbows on the table and steepled his fingers. “Can you be a little more specific?”

“She’s a three-foot troll and hates me and Sian and a few other girls because we have nerve not to be shorter. So every chance she gets she sticks it to us.”

“All that might be very true…But…What. Happened. Today?”

Her lips were burning, but Angel had that look, the one where he was probably thinking about how yummy human blood tasted, so she blurted, “The buses were slow, so when it finally got to my stop, I had to run to class. I got to my desk and was in my seat right when the bell stopped, I swear, and that genetic reject still gave me detention!”

“So where’d did this threat come in?”

“I was mad because it wasn’t fair so I kinda told her that I wouldn’t be a student forever which isn’t a threat at all, just an accurate observation of my expected future, right?”

Angel sighed and shook his head which was bent down to hide the small smile. “It’s implied, Dawn, and since she’s already gunning for you…” He glanced up now, his expression flat, unreadable. “You have to be almost perfect. Watch what you say and do around her.”

“But I didn’t do anything,” she groaned and got up to get a bottle of water from the refrigerator. “I hate her.”

Angel did smile now. “Yeah, I kinda figured that out.”

Dawn smiled back and took a swallow from the bottle just as her cell phone rang. She peeked at the caller id before pressing talk.

“Hey Sian.”

“How’d it go?” Sian asked.

Dawn glanced over at Angel and walked out of the kitchen. “Hold on a sec,” she told her and then proceeded to march up to her room. Once there she continued. “Yeah, I had to listen to Angel lecture me about being a model student and not letting that cow get to me.”

“He called her a cow? Cool!”

“No,” Dawn admitted, sighing and rolling her eyes. “That’s was my own artistic interpretation. But he would if he wasn’t being responsible guardian guy.”

“Right. I’m sure. Hey, you still going tomorrow night? That guy Marco, from USC, asked me meet him there.”

“Noooo,” she flopped on her bed, bouncing in the soft mattress. “Spike got to me before Angel did and he’s way angrier about it. So I’m officially Punishment Girl for the next week.”

“But you’re only suspended for one day.”

“Tell that to the hundred…” She was about to say tell that to the hundred and twenty-three year old vampire, but stopped mid-sentence, hating that part of her life was a secret from her friend, and from the world. “Speaking of…I hear him calling me,” she lied. “And since I’m not supposed to be using my phone…”

“Yeah, yeah…call me later,” Sian told her.

“I’ll try, after Spike goes out. Have enough fun for me, okay?”

“Yep, and you learn to shut that mouth of yours,” Sian laughed.

“Sure I will, as soon as Sister Lionetti learns to use deodorant. Bye.”

Dawn pressed END on her phone then pressed it again to turn it off. She rolled over on her belly and sighed. Vampire senses were no joke and Spike would easily pick up on the vibrations if she put it on silent and take it from her. Instead, she planned to escape to the roof when she needed to make a call. It was going to be a long, boring weekend otherwise.


A typical rave at a typical warehouse. Sian, Alexia, and Marco huddled around Kenny next to an alcove that had been designated as the bathroom. The night was young and the scent was okay now, but promised to get extra funky later.

“Ten each or, I give you three for $25,” Kenny offered. He had bought the Ecstasy from his sister’s boyfriend for $5 a piece and thought to make a little money.

Marco paid for the three of them, and Kenny took Alexia into the main room where the party was taking place.

“Are you sure this is safe,” Sian asked again. She’d smoke a little pot once and while it was interesting and she had laughed a lot, she didn’t feel the need to do it again.

Marco took her by the hand. “I’ve done it like a dozen times and I’m fine. You’ll just be really, really…really happy,” he told her, smiling brightly. “If you don’t wanna it’s okay.”

“No, I do. I just read some stuff…”

“Don’t believe everything you read,” he snorted. “And just make sure you drink a lot of water.”


Chapter two

Spike landed on the rooftop of Jinki’s Market and let his senses expand. The rancid scent of the Treba’k demon that he had dispatched early was fading as he got farther from the scene of its demise. A slight splash and crunching of the pebbled surface alerted him to his sire’s arrival.

Early in their patrolling, Spike took off on his own, needing time alone. The situation with Dawn wore at him. She was hurting still, over Buffy’s death like the rest of them, but had been acting out a lot more lately and this latest suspension was just one in a long line. When Cordelia had collected Dawn from school that previous day, the principal hinted at finding another place for the girl to attend next term if her behavior didn’t improve soon.

The public high school in the district was a little unsavory, but she could end up spending her senior year there unless something changed…soon. Of course, Angel had wanted her to attend the pious and highly recommended Bishop Conaty High, but Spike had been against it, thinking Dawn would be happier at some place less structured. Angel won that fight.

Spike lit a cigarette and considered trying to ditch the other vampire again, but didn’t feel like expending the energy so he just took a long drag and waited.

“Found a nest of …something…I don’t know what they are… down off Crenshaw.”

“Describe ‘em,” Spike said while blowing out smoke. He looked down at the street below, his ears picking up on techno music coming from the downtown area.

Angel closed his eyes, picturing the demons clearly. “Deep orange, hairless and shiny. Kinda short with four arms and spiky knobs going down the spine.

“Bloody Naadens,” Spike told him, sounding exasperated.

“How do we kill them?”

“Decapitation works. Not sure where the heart is so…”

The creatures were less than four feet tall so Angel was pretty certain he could tear the heads off easily enough. “Let’s take care of them then.”
Spike shook his head and dropped the butt into a puddle by his feet. “Those spikes are razor sharp. Likely to take off a finger. We’ll need swords.”

“What are we going to do about Dawn?” Angel asked, never one for leading into a subject gently.

“Ground her. Talk to her.” Spike had no clue what to do about Dawn right now.

“Do you think that maybe she’s right about the nun picking on them?”

Spike shrugged. “Probably. And it’s all your fault too.”

“My fault?” Angel sputtered.

“Sure, it is. Just the cosmos getting even with you for eating so many of those pretty virgins.”

Brown eyes darkened and for a few seconds Spike felt bad. He shook it off and slapped his sire on the back, grinning.

“Race you home, old man.”

Angel blinked and Spike was gone.


Dawn’s suspension went by quickly enough and she was back in school on Tuesday morning, on time and in her seat, sans cell phone.

The night of the rave, she had been trying to call Sian when Spike and Angel came home early from their hunt that they call patrolling and caught her in the act. Consequently, she hadn’t seen it since and couldn’t call her friend from the office phones because she hadn’t memorized her number, always using the speed dial code instead.

So she was anxiously awaiting Sian’s arrival, but the bell rang and the other girl never showed.

While working on an in-class assignment, Dawn leaned forward and tapped on the shoulder of Lizzy who sat in front of her.

“Have you talked to Sian?” she asked in a hushed voice.

She barely turned, most likely afraid that some of Dawn’s bad luck with their teacher might rub off on her, but shook her head and whispered back, “She wasn’t here yesterday either.”

Dawn leaned back, frowning, and struggled to finish her work as worry for Sian crept in.

At lunch Dawn sought out Alexia and after learning that she hadn’t heard from their friend since Saturday night at the rave, dragged her to the bathroom.

“Have you even tried to call her?” she asked.

Alexia nodded. “On Sunday, I was going to the Galleria. I called her to see if she wanted to come, but she didn’t answer so I went with Becky and then stayed over her house. I never tried back.”

“What? Why not?” Dawn demanded, her voice going shrill.

Alexia scowled and pushed her blonde bangs from her eyes. “What? It’s not like me and Sian are best friends anymore. That’s your job now. Why didn’t you call if you’re so worried?”

“I’m on punishment,” Dawn growled as worry turned into anger. Now wasn’t the time for any petty jealousy. “…And the overprotective, but well-meaning buttwad took my phone and I have her number on speed dial so I don’t know it…look, just let me use your phone.”

Alexia dug it out of her back pocket, keyed in the password to unlock the phone, then dialed Sian’s number. “Here.”

Dawn took it and pressed it up to her ear tightly to drown out the sounds of the other girls in the restroom. It went directly to voicemail. “Hey Sian, it’s me and Lex. You really need to call back. Spike has my Sidekick, but you can call the office number or Lex when you get the message okay? Bye.”

She was about to hand it back to Alexia, but started dialing again deciding to check her voicemail. She had nine messages which she found kinda disappointing and didn’t want to examine what that said about her social life, but she could wallow in self pity later…one of the messages was from Sian’s mom.

“Hello Dawn. This is Emma Keaton. Can you tell Sian for me that her Father and I are leaving for her Grandmother’s funeral now? We’ll be back on Tuesday or perhaps Wednesday, I’m not certain. I’ve left a message for her too. You girls really need to keep your phones on. What’s the point of having them if no one can reach you?”

Dawn broke out in a cold sweat while she pressed a key to replay the message. “Listen…” she told Alexia.

“Oh wow,” the blonde leaned against the full length mirror. “She must have told her mom that she was staying with you.” The warning bell rang. Lunchtime was almost over. “Meet me on the front steps after school?”

Brimming with concern, Dawn agreed, not knowing how she was going to get through the rest of her classes.


Finally, the day passed and just as Dawn had arrived at the meeting place, Cordelia showed up, waving long, toned, tanned-even-in-the-winter arms to get her attention. She thought about pretending not to see her and trying to ditch her, but decided against it. Cordelia was much scarier than Spike or Angel when she wanted to be so Dawn got in the car willingly and found herself back at the Hyperion in the lobby doing her homework while waiting on Spike to wake up so she could ask for her phone.

Wesley arrived a few hours later, carrying a bag. “Cordelia. Dawn. Is Angel in the office?”

“Nope. He and the Resident Evil have been locked up in his room all day,” she informed Wesley without looking up from her what she was working on.

He raised an eyebrow, but didn’t comment. “Yes, well that’s…so…I have the books on Carvellian rituals he ordered,” he finally blurted.

She gave him her attention then, smiling. “Oh, goody! Give ‘em here. The Robins actually gave us a retainer so we should at least work on their case.”

Wesley dropped the bag on her desk and removed three books, handing her one. She opened it and her smile turned down as she looked at the unfamiliar letters.

“Demon language,” Wesley explained. “Spike might be able to translate.”

Cordelia looked unconvinced, but Wesley had witnessed the younger vampire in more unguarded moments, and he was much more scholarly than he wanted people to believe. And he’d also spent a century working with demons of all sorts, employing them, killing them, so his knowledge base was greater than Angel’s was in this respect.

Dawn walked over to them and relieved Wesley of the books he was holding. “I can take them up to Spike…if you want.” This was a perfect chance to wake him up and get her phone.

“Uh, that’s okay,” Cordelia gently took the books away from Dawn. “It can wait.”

Arms crossed, Dawn pouted. “But you said since those people actually paid us money we should be working on their case. And sleeping probably isn’t what they meant when they hired us.”

Cordelia didn’t think sleeping was exactly what was happening upstairs, but refrained from telling Dawn that. “I’ve gotta go up anyway. Get my pills.” With that she marched up the stairs, heavy tomes in arms that were stronger than they looked, Dawn’s concerned gazed following her.


Chapter Three

A song her mom used to play, Destination Unknown, blared from the radio that sounded like it was right next to her head. She tapped her fingers against the sheets in time to the music, trying to hold on to the mellow feeling that seemed to be slipping away in favor of something foreign and slightly off. Sian slid one eye open, then the other before she sat up, her throat dry and her brain a dizzy fog. The room was familiar but it took her few seconds before she connected the dots.

Marco’s apartment.

Gazing around, she listened intently for sounds of the guy with whom she’d just spent the night having sex. Nothing, but some birds chirping outside and she fell back, flopping lazily on the bed, oddly grateful that he hadn’t just woken her and told her to get out.

Leaving her in his bed while he went about his day, maybe to get them some breakfast, had to be a good thing, a sign that he liked her and trusted her, right?

The thought of breakfast had her suddenly feeling terribly hungry, complete with cramping and growling in her stomach, so she scooted off the bed and padded across the soft carpet in the living room to find the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator, frowning at the contents, or lack thereof actually. A six-pack of beer and two bottles of wine did not a meal make. Amazed at how unprepared a single guy was for female company, Sian sighed and closed the door.

“You’re up.”

She jumped and turned, ready to scream and letting out a long frightened moan when she realized it was only Marco.

“Jesus, Marco! You scared the crap out of me.”

“Sorry.” He almost sounded contrite and gave her a half smile, but his eyes were sparkling and he looked pleased. “How do you feel?”

“I feel like I could eat a horse. But…” She smiled at him now and ran her hand up his bare chest. “I’ll settle for some donut holes and a latte.”

He took her hand in his and kissed her fingers slowly, staring into her eyes. “I don’t think coffee and cakes are going satisfy you now.”


Spike stretched enjoying the burn in his muscles. The shower running let him know Angel’s whereabouts and he considered joining him for a moment before deciding that it was too early to rise. He burrowed back into the covers, finding a comfortable spot, and was dozing off when a knock on the door jolted him awake again.

Drowsier for the few moments sleep, he sat up and rubbed at his bleary eyes. The knocking continued so he got up, cursing softly as he stalked out of the bedroom and across the living area of their suite. Before he reached the door, the scent of Chanel and Pantene crept up his nose.

“What do you want?” he whined and snatched the door open.

“Hello to you too, grumpy,” she replied and shoved the books at Spike while ignoring the fact that he was naked.

“What’s this?” he asked, masking his own disappointment at failing to get a rise out of her.

“Wes asked if you could translate these rituals. Of course, you and I know what a joke that is. You can’t even translate from English to American, Mr. Bloody This and Sodding That.”

A smile spread over Spike’s face and he turned to put the books on the end table before gazing at her with cold blue eyes.

“You know what I can translate?” He waited a beat and then went on. “Smells. And yours tells me you’re about 2 days into your lovely monthlies. All that blood, thick and…”

She was gone, stomping down the hall before he could finish.

He laughed and shut the door.

“You shouldn’t mess with Cordy like that.”

Spike whirled to find Angel standing in the bedroom doorway, still damp in spots from the shower.

“Just teasing the bint.” A drop of water trailed down Angel’s chest followed by a few more as Spike watched. “She’s the one starts in with me most times.” He padded across the floor and stood in front of his sire, leering. “I just give as good as I get.”

Angel reached out and grabbed Spike’s cock, squeezing hard enough to make the blond whimper. “Let’s see how generous you can be.”


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Oh, I like this AU a lot! I could envision everything as I was reading it. Except for the fact that you stopped at a really good part, I really enjoyed this. I look forward to your next posting day! :-)

I'm vey glad you';re enjoying this. I was nervous going in with all the changes to make this fit my vision. And the details...I fussed over them so much so I'm smiling now.

thank you!

I love Spike and Cordy together. Endless snark. Nice sexy ending, too.

Yes. Spike and Cordy rock when ever they're in a room together.

You can be sooo cruel . . . leaving it with a dripping-just-from-the-shower Angel who's got a Spike by the 'tail'. I'm loving this and can't (but will) wait for the next! ;)

Just curious, but would Sister Lionetti happen to be based on anyone real?

Muuuaaaah! Trying out my evil-cliffhanger hat again!

And Sister Lionetti is the female version of a teacher from my high school. He taught Italian though.

Wonderful! I love your AU. Cool little mystery. It could be an episode of the show, so well done!

Great job with the voices, btw. Especially the Spike and Cordy snark.

There will be spangel sexing in the next part, right? Cuz it's just evil to leave it there!

Ya there will be. Glad u like. I was nervous :-)

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