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Rekindling Spangel Sign Ups
Team Angel VP Ritual Sacs
cafedemonde wrote in rekindlespangel

Sign Ups for rekindlespangel start on November 3rd and will end on November 25th, 11:59pm MST. Please comment below to sign up and select your date.

Our intent is to have a steady flow of contributions so we will have at least one post per day, starting December 24th and ending on January 31, 2014. If all the dates get filled (how happy will we be!), then we can double up on posts.

Please use the following format:

Date: first and second choice
contribution: fic, wallpaper, vid, etc

Dates will be issued in the order received in the post below.

This is the only place you can sign up and select your date.

Please see the profile page for the RULES.

List of dates available and what's been selected:

Dec 24 - verucasalt123 - fic
Dec 25 - aaronlisa - fic
Dec 26 -
Dec 27 -
Dec 28 - theladymerlin - wallpaper
Dec 29 - killedkelly - fic
Dec 30 - clockwork_hart1 - fic
Dec 31 - comlodge - art
Jan 1 - kasmodia - art
Jan 2 - lilithbint - fic
Jan 3 -
Jan 4 - theladymerlin - fic
Jan 5 - lynnenne - fic
Jan 6 - of_too_minds - art
Jan 7 -
Jan 8 - lilithbint - fic
Jan 9 -
Jan 10 -
Jan 11 - kindredspirit75 - fic
Jan 12 -
Jan 13 - laisserais - fic
Jan 14 -
Jan 15 - lilithbint - fic
Jan 16 -
Jan 17 -
Jan 18 - spikesjojo - fic
Jan 19 -
Jan 20 - spartan5000 - fic
Jan 21 -
Jan 22 -
Jan 23 -
Jan 24 -
Jan 25 -
Jan 26 - chasingdemons - art
Jan 27 - shapinglight - fic
Jan 28 -
Jan 29 -
Jan 30 - cafedemonde - fic
Jan 31 - skargasm - fic

I will try to update this every evening.

last updated 11/27, 12:12am mst

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Jan 5 or 6 - fic

Jan 5th is all yours! Can't wait!

Jan 11th is yours. Thanks very much!

January 26, please. I will contribute artwork.

1/26 is reserved for you! thanks!

Date: first and second choice: 31st Jan or 29th if not available
contribution: fic, wallpaper, vid, etc: Probably fic

I put you on Jan 31 so you are closing the show! I'm excited to see what you do.

Thank you kindly!! Did some pimping on my journal and twitter! *g*


Date: Dec 28 or Dec 29
contribution: wallpaper

Date: Jan 4 or Jan 5
contribution: fic

Thank you! x

You are on Dec 28 and Jan 4th - thanks so much!

Thank you! Looking forward to it. :D

First Choice: Dec 25th

Second Choice: Jan 21

Regardless of the date I'd be posting fic.

You have Christmas! I'm looking forward to reading your work!


Can we sign up for a second date? If so can I take Jan 21?

December 31 or January 1st

Edited at 2013-11-04 08:54 pm (UTC)

You have Dec 31st! Bringing in the new year with some eye candy! Can't wait!

Thank you. Will have to think on it. :D

Ooh, I wanna play! Any excuse to play with the boys, right?

December 30th - fic, if you please.

Yes indeed! And 12/30 is all yours - thx

You have Jan 20th. Thanks so much for participating!

Jan 27 is yours. Can't wait!

Can I sign up for January 13th? Fic please? thanks!

You are all set for Jan 13th. Thanks!

Jan 6th is your day. Thanks very much!

It is so wonderful to have you back. I'm going to ask for January 18 - fic. Now all I need to do is hunt down a plot bunny!

You are all set for Jan 18th! Thanks!

I have my thinking cap on!

Yey! It's back :) I'm going to request 29th December - fic. Thank you.

Edited at 2013-11-21 01:41 am (UTC)

YAY! Dec 29th is yours. Thanks

I've been out of fandom for far too long... why not start the new year with not only rekindling Spangel but a bit of fandom love. Art, probably (but maybe I'll change my mind and turn to a short ficlet, we'll see). January, 1st, please (late that day ;-).

Welcome back! And thank you for participating. You have Jan 1st!

This is me being stupidly unprepared and making up for it by claiming 3 days for fic please...

Jan 2
Jan 8
Jan 15

All three days are yours! Thanks so much.

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