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Spiked Angel
comlodge wrote in rekindlespangel
spiked_angel_thumbTitle: Spiked Angel
Author: comlodge
Charachters: Spike/Angel
Medium: Artwork - Banner
Genre: Nekid bodies
Rating: NC17 - Not explicit but not worksafe
Prompt: Flashback Friday
Disclaimer: They belong to Joss Whedon but he said have at 'em you Fanfic freaks, I love you'se. (or something like that).
Summary: Just an arty piece with a base that appealed to me. This is I think my first Spangel manip. I made it in August this year. I started learning to create fan art and manips back in February this year so wasn't around for Rekindle Spangel before. Busy making some more for my day on the 31st.
A/N: I know, terrible pun, grin.


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This is both sexy and beautifully composed!


Thank you. I so loved that pose. I thought it suited them well. :D

I think the title gives a fitting angle to view this piercing piece of ass, uh, art from, lol ;) btw, it's beautiful!! sorry for really bad puns.

Lol. Love your puns. Thank you. :D

(Deleted comment)
Gorgeous! heh, I like my Angel Spiked. ;)

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