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Flashback Friday
Fool for Love
chasingdemons wrote in rekindlespangel
Here are a few old Spangel pieces I made.

Hmmmm. There seems to be a pattern here.



Angels Pony

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LOL, there does. But I like it. Nice!

Guh, is all I can say!

(Deleted comment)
Yummy pics. Your work is so flawless and beautiful.

Oldies but GOODIES.

mmmmm nom nom nom *pauses to marvel some more* I think "Surender" Is my favorite. nom nom!

That one has always been one of my favorites. Thanks, honey!

OMG! My finger is getting sore from tabbing up and down and if I get electrocuted from all of the drool accumulating in my pc I will hold you totally responsible!

*hands you a tissue* Careful, now! Thanks for the comment!

Thanks, Deb... for thudding. Spike can still have that effect. :)

These are sexalicious!!!!


Drool city. Love em all but the second is just fabulous. What a wonderful pose and perfect facial expressions. Le deep, deep sigh!

The second one has always been my fav. Made about 5 years ago. I stole someone's artistic photography (I try not to do that anymore) and came upon the paint effect quite by accident. But yeah. Total sigh.

Wow. Five years. That's amazing. I've so much more ahead of me then. You confused me when you said you stole someone's photographic art. Do you mean the base bodies in such a a lovely pose?

OMG! Yeah me likey lots!

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