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Rekindling Spangel
comlodge wrote in rekindlespangel
spangel_loving_thumbTitle: Various
Creator: comlodge
Characters: Angel/Spike
Medium: Artwork
Rating: PG to NC17 - Explicit - Not Worksafe
Disclaimer: For Entertainment and education only. The Photoshop skills are mine.
A/N: All are snaggable - in the words of a vampire - Want, take, have. Credit is gold. :D

The Icons

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15 16 17 18 19 20 21

The Boys Are Back In Town

Click image for larger version

Rekindling Spangel

Click image for larger version.

Click image for larger version

In His Arms


I've Got You




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They're all so beautiful!

Thank you very much. :D

Gorgeous! Thanks for the beautiful pics!

Thank you. You're very welcome. :D

These are super duper spangelicious! Brava!


Thank you very much, my dear. It was fun creating them. :D

Gorgeous! Love them all.

Thank you. Love that icon! :D

I can't decide which one I like best. The bottom one is magnificent. And the business card is fabulous (and makes me grin)! The rekindle Spangel one is very dark and moody. Love them all. :)I know you're a Spuffy girl so I appreciate you making all this beautiful Spangel. Awesome!

I'm very proud of City of Angels, I fess and glad you liked my card for the boys. The Spangel one I played with for a very long time because I wanted to reflect what I thought their relationship would be - moody and angsty and hard and together. I can so totally appreciate two hot guys having the hots for each other, especially if they're vampires. Thank you so much. :D

NIce work! I will never know how this is done so well. Totally beyond my skill set!

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