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of_too_minds wrote in rekindlespangel
For my contribution today, I have a spangel sex story in three parts. Be warned, these pics are Not Safe For Work. Seriously.

Feedback would be much appreciated.

After the foreplay, there's coitus. Or there would be if they could get some privacy. lol

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They're very yummy.

Thanks for commenting!

Seriously, are you trying to give me a heart attack?

They do have that effect on people, don't they? snerk

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My thoughts exactly!

Thanks for commenting!

I'm sure that's what Spike will be saying in a second or two. ;)

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They are, aren't they? I could just eat them up!

Thanks for commenting.

Very, very, hot! I wish I could push a little button so I could watch the or maybe join in!

I was just going back over some rekindledspangel and noticed this story. I don't think I saw it, but can't get anything to open on the rks site. Do you have a link? Thanks!

You're right, it's down. All my links went dead when weblogimages went down last year and I haven't got around to updating the comms. The pics should be visible on my LJ if you'd like to check it out there.

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, hon. Hope you're well!

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