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That's all folks!
cafedemonde wrote in rekindlespangel
We've done it!

Another amazing season of Spangel love and angst and snark and pettiness! It's my absolute favorite thing to read and write and oogle. I am so honored and pleased that so many people participated in this little comm. Thank you all sooooo much for sharing your creations. I look forward to next year!



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Thank youfor keeping the Spangel love alive.

thank you for organizing this

Seconded! Will there be a master list posted? I was away for a few days so I probably missed some stuff.

Thank you! I couldn't participate this year, but it was so nice to have those nuggets of spangel-y goodness waiting during the last few weeks. It's my favorite pairing, and it makes me so happy to have a burst of it during the winter!

This was such a treat for me! Thank you very much. Hopefully I can contribute something next year.

And thank you for keeping the Spangel love alive.

Thank you for keeping the Spangel love alive and to all the writers and artists that participated. :)

I am a real Angelophile and his relationship with Spike is one of my favorites. Thanks so very, very much for keeping this alive for all of us. The stories have been, without exception, fantastic.

Thanks for hosting this amazing comm!

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